This is the first time you have been in this moment
And the last


Way across the valley out of ear shot, is my loneliness.
Between tonight and the moon; silent satellites, is my loneliness.
Between the words i never wrote, and the few that i did, is my loneliness.
The over whelming pain blazing hot in the darkness, is my loneliness.

And in this cafe; this other world so full of people, there lies fully my loneliness.
The stain upon the table
The waitresses makeup
The smell
The nothingness
Last years magazines

That is my loneliness

A house i live in

Sometimes during the day
I go to places
I often go to in my dreams

Its a house i live in
I like it
Its me

It has walkways
instead of
of polished stone

Its all glass
Multi layers
With soft furniture
and plants

I go there
four times a year
maybe more

And whenever
I do
I know
I am home

Home is not a place
It’s a feeling